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Comprehensive Email and Database Marketing Solutions

To communicate effectively with today’s customers, marketers need the advanced level email delivery and database solutions offered by Applied Info Group. Our extensive knowledge of direct and email marketing, state-of-the-art technology, and superior service enables you to fully utilize all database assets.

By delivering customized, effective multichannel and email marketing communications, you improve the efficiency and results of your marketing programs. Our secure web-based reporting, campaign tracking, and advanced query systems allow you to access your data at any time, in real time, helping you to make critical decisions on your time.

Email Marketing Systems
Conduct highly effective customer centric email marketing programs that boost response.

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email systems.
Database Solutions
Combine and query all data elements in a single multi-channel database available all of the time.

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your database.
Online Services
Manage campaigns, profile customers, and track responses with WebOTIS™.

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your database online.
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